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Earn active income with your profession. Create passive income at the same time.

The most overworked and most underpaid people are very often also the most educated people — dentists and doctors. 

In the last 30 years of working with health care professionals (dentists, doctors, chiropractors, specialists, etc.) and other businesses across the world, we have done phenomenally well with most of our clients. 

We have a concept called Un-Advertising and basically what it is, is: 

“Don’t waste your money on advertising, try to do Un-Advertising.”

But the concept of advertising or marketing hasn’t changed for 5,000 years. 

The ways on how to do it have changed, drastically. 

When I started in 1990 — flyers, coupons, catalog sales and things like were commonly used. 

In the meantime, the Digital Age moved in and the world has changed even more. 

When the Digital Age came to marketing, small business owners started to use internet tools such as Google ads, social media platforms and SEO strategies to market their services.  

As of 2021, not understanding the digital age marketing on a local level is almost deadly.

Taking this into account, we at Flasch International decided, while we still help doctors with new patients, we do not help doctors with new patients alone anymore.

We are going to get doctors into a new type of business — an internet based business where they can create new streams of income, without being hands on.

Today, it became possible to earn millions of dollars on the Internet.

Like with any other business, setting up an internet based income system takes work and time. 

Most likely, you will not build such an income system, because:

  • It’s not in your DNA;
  • You don’t have enough time for this;
  • You have work limitations;
  • You are currently locked into your job. 

People can tell you that you can become a millionaire on the internet with a few clicks and a few hours a week — that is not true. 

But without getting you into a business that has a chance to provide more passive income than your current job, you will have no choice but to continue working until the day you retire. 

Our program Flasch Residual Income System is for busy professionals who wish to create extra income streams that are safe but they simply could not do it consistently due to the tremendous time/work usually involved.

As Warren Buffett says, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will have to work until you die.” 

And frankly, why should some of the highest educated people have to work until they die? 

Not necessarily. Not in this age with the internet.

Helmut Flasch
Founder of Award-winning marketing system Un-Advertising
Best Selling Author of Double Your Business But Not Your Troubles

P.S: Learn how to create a passive income stream online without giving up what you love in your profession. 



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