A dental/medical practice ALONE will NOT anymore give you the security of financial freedom nor will it give you freedom of time – it simply no longer will.

Private practitioners working harder and getting paid less, while also losing control of how or what to practice, is an observable trend.

Being a private practitioner, despite having higher education, is not anymore to achieve
freedom of time and money.

On the other hand, the digital economy is making quantum leaps towards how the world does business and thus creates unprecedented income levels but most importantly, unprecedented free time.

Are you opposed to exploring in a 60 min conversation how to increase your practice income and at the same time create an unprecedented income in the digital economy without being chained to the work like you are in your practice?

This digital economy is most likely by far the best opportunity of reaching freedom from time and money. It is the best-suited vehicle not only in our lifetime but in history to earn an insane amount of money while not being chained to a location, to a product and not to trade time for money.

"One of the secrets to success is not luck or having a good idea at the right time.

It happens to be your ingenuity on how you can, if at all possible, rinse and repeat (duplicate/scale) an already money-making action as often as needed, without your personal time involved, so that you can take home the profit you want, while still having the time for the private life you want."

By "already money-making action", I mean to ride on the wave and/or very closely model after what has already made money for other people. Especially in the internet space – the digital age – there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

- Helmut Flasch, CEO Flasch International, Founder of the award-winning Un-Advertising marketing strategy

Flasch International in the News:

ABC News

"...provides doctors and business owners with a new way of generating income without personal involvement...."

Dental Economics

"...integrates a more dentist-comfortable method for acquiring professional and patient referrals..."

NBC News

"...powerful program which allows physicians to tap into the rapidly growing trend of the internet market."

CBS Channel 2 News

"They are all over the United States ... it's people helping people..."

Professionals have been taught that high education will solve all their money problems, and have them living luxuriously without worrying about paying the bills every month. But the reality is, that is not how things are.

Would you disagree with me?

Medical professionals are the most educated people, but they are taking bigger hits than other businesses, not only by the regular economic crisis but because of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies controlling their income – even their way of practicing.

Without depending on the current economic situation, without depending on your time and location, you can create multiple streams of income that will continue no matter what may happen in the local economy.

This kind of security is so important, especially now during times like these.

I am not saying that you should give up practicing as it is probably a passion for you and hopefully does earn you a respectable income.

What I am saying is that it is literally a crime against yourself and your family not to engage in a second income potential greater than your practice which never ever chains you to a place or time.

Our internet digital economy program is a business which not only can be done from anywhere in the world but also to anywhere in the world, and very importantly it can be done at anytime of the day or week.

Actually,  for you – right now – the most important thing is probably, the fact that this digital program is fully done by us at Flasch International.

It is actually for free if you consider that our Iron-clad Flasch guarantee will increase your income in your practice such that this program cost is covered fully.

Helmut Flasch
Flasch International

I don’t think that the young generation has an inherent right to be the only ones to earn money online without being constrained by location and time.

Do you disagree with me?

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About Flasch International

Flasch International is most well-known for the national award-winning marketing strategy called “Un-Advertising.”

Un-Advertising means to make use of other entities outside your office to market your message for you.

“Instead of you tooting your own horn (advertising), get other people to toot the horn for you (un-advertising.)”

The founder, Mr. Helmut Flasch, has helped doctors, dentists and small to large

business owners in over 3 continents to grow and expand their businesses.

Helmut is also a bestselling author. His works consist of:

  • Double Your Business, But Not Your Troubles
  • You Too Can Be Happy
  • Economic Deception and Jobless Recovery Exposed

As an international speaker, he has lectured to hundreds of thousands audiences around the world about solving seemingly complex work and life problems, with simple practical solutions.